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What is Six Thinking Hats?

Six Thinking Hats is a form of parallel thinking, where you focus on a single direction of thinking to solve a problem or brainstorm an idea. You separate emotion from logic, creativity from information, and positivity from caution.

A group using Six Thinking Hats fully utilizes everyone's knowledge, intelligence, and experiences. You avoid confusion and time-consuming arguments.

The hats are a metaphor that represent each type of thinking. Hats are easy to put on and take off. They are clearly visible. They indicate a type of thinking. Refer to hats by their color, not their function.

Who made Six Thinking Hats?

Dr. Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist, author, inventor, and consultant, wrote the Six Thinking Hats book in 1985. He has authored over 50 other books on thought.

He is a proponent of teaching thinking as a subject in schools. He also teaches thinking methods to government agencies, corporate clients, organizations and individuals, in private and publicly group sessions.

What are the benefits?


Everyone is thinking, working, and looking in the same direction, like rowers in a boat or focused sun rays.

Time saving

Take less time since there is no need to respond or argue while everyone explores ideas in the same direction.

Remove ego

Ego undermines effective thinking. Exert your effort into performing well as a thinker under each hat, instead of disproving or arguing.

One thing at a time

Dedicate attention to a single task. Doing too many things at once causes confusion and inefficiency. Juggling one ball is easier than many.

What is each hat?

Remember: the hats are metaphors for directions in thinking. Hats are always refered to by their color.



neutral, objective, facts



emotion, gut, instinct



positive, benefits, hopes



careful, cautious, critical



process, organization, big picture



creative, free, growth

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